Winter Tires vs. All Season Tires- Which is Better?

Snow Tire

Your tires ensure your safety on Scottsbluff roads, so it’s crucial to have the correct tires for winter driving conditions so you don’t worry about losing control of your vehicle. If you’ve ever bought a new set of tires, you’ve likely seen winter and all-season tires, but what is the difference, and which is best for your needs? Here we at Transwest Ford compare winter tires vs. all-season tires, and if you need tire care, make a service appointment.

Pros and Cons of Winter Tires

Winter tires are ideal for driving around Scottsbluff, NE during harsh winter weather, but there are some drawbacks you should consider. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of opting for winter tires vs. all-season tires:

Advantages of Winter Tires

  • Unique Rubber Compound: Most all-season tires contain a rubber compound that can freeze and be brittle during cold weather. Winter tires have a specialized rubber compound that remains flexible during cold weather to help maximize control.
  • Specially-Designed Tread: The grooves in a winter tire are specially designed for winter driving conditions. The grooves limit the amount of snow and ice that builds up, so you experience better traction in inclement weather.
  • Biting Edge Design: Winter tires also have a biting edge design to dig deeper into snow and ice, allowing your new Ford F-150 to drive in harsh winter conditions more easily.


  • Wear: If and when Wheatland, WY temperatures warm back up, and the roads are dry, driving with winter tires can cause significant deterioration and a decreased lifespan.
  • Swapping Out: You can drive on winter tires during the summertime, but we don’t recommend it, and you might even get a fine if you’re caught. So you’ll need a second set of summer tires to swap out when winter is over. 

Winter Tire Storage & Tips

So, what about winter tire storage? Here the service team at Transwest Ford provides some winter tire tips:

  • Store Clean Tires: You should thoroughly clean your tires before storing them. Storing tires without cleaning them can cause significant corrosion and decrease your tires’ life. Also, make sure you cover your tires while they are stored.
  • Clean & Temperature-Controlled Storage: Keep your tires in a clean and temperature-controlled area, so they don’t deteriorate further. You should also stack your tires and rotate them regularly.
  • Tire Pressure: The tire pressure in winter naturally drops because the cold temperatures cause the air in your tires to become less dense. We recommend adding the correct tire pressure to your tires while they’re still cold. 
  • Tread Wear: Whatever type of tires are on your vehicle, regularly check your tire tread wear to ensure you’ve got the proper tread to keep you safe on Alliance, NE roads.

Trust Transwest Ford For All Your Tire Care Needs!

Whether you need winter tires, new tires, or a tire rotation, Transwest Ford is at your service! Browse our service specials and let us know how we can help. From a new car to routine maintenance, we’re here for you! 


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